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Enater Blog http://enater.com/blog How to improve your website value Mon, 20 Feb 2012 14:01:13 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.3.1 PageRank http://enater.com/blog/pagerank/ http://enater.com/blog/pagerank/#comments Wed, 15 Feb 2012 07:33:32 +0000 admin http://enater.com/blog/?p=24 What’s pagerank

The PageRank of a particular web page is an indication of its value within the Google index. The scale is a range from 0 to 10. PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page and used by the Google that assigns a numerical value of 0 to 10 to a web page, with the purpose of “measuring” its relative importance within the set.

Why PageRank is important

A page with high PageRank will have better chance to get top position within search results, but PageRank is not the only factor and Google consider more than 200 factors but it is, none the less, one of the most important.
Page rank shows how important Google thinks your site is. A better score shows that Google holds more value to your site. A lower score shows that it is either new or Google does not think it is that important. New sites will either have a score of N/A or 0. Usually Google will update this and you will get a new score if you have quality backlinks.

How PageRank is measured

The Google pagerank will be in the form of a number from 0-10. Google actually uses a complex algorithm to come up with the exact number. It has been said that each pagerank is slightly harder to reach the next level. The factors that influence how your page ranks are primarily about the links that you have coming back to your site. Google will calculate the pagerank once every few months, so it may take some time to see your rank go up. The last confirmed update was 27 June 2011, however, there was previously no confirmed update for more than a year.

Page rank is based on the incoming number of links that you have to your page and the quality of the links also matters. The pagerank of your site is based on the rank of each page separately. The quality of the site that is linking back to you will influence your ranking as well. A back link from a webpage with Pagerank 6 will have a much higher weight than a back link from Pagerank 2 webpage.

The Google Toolbar’s PageRank feature displays a visited page’s PageRank as a whole number between 0 and 10. Only very few sites have a PageRank of 10. Most of the new websites will have a Pagerank 0. Google has not disclosed the precise method for determining a Toolbar PageRank value. Google update this value frequently, but they don’t update the value in the toolbar that frequently.

As a website begins to increase in popularity via the quality and quantity of back links, the PageRank of a particular page also increases. This increase in number however is based, we believe, on a logarithmic scale. As an example if using a base 10 scale, to get a PageRank of 1 the page requires 10 back links pointing to it, then to gain another point on the scale, the page will require an extra 100 backl inks, to gain another point an extra 1000 back links will be required and so on.

False or spoofed PageRank

While the PageRank shown in the Toolbar is considered to be derived from an accurate PageRank value for most sites, this value was at one time easily manipulated. A previous flaw was that any low PageRank page that was redirected, via a HTTP 302 response or a “Refresh” meta tag, to a high PageRank page caused the lower PageRank page to acquire the PageRank of the destination page. In theory a new, PR 0 page with no incoming links could have been redirected to the Google home page-which is a PR 10-and then the PR of the new page would be upgraded to a PR10. This spoofing technique, also known as 302 Google Jacking, was a known failing or bug in the system. Any page’s PageRank could have been spoofed to a higher or lower number of the webmaster’s choice and only Google has access to the real PageRank of the page. Spoofing is generally detected by running a Google search for a URL with questionable PageRank, as the results will display the URL of an entirely different site (the one redirected to) in its results.

How to find and improve pagerank

Google advise that the PageRank assessment of a webpage is calculated on a regular basis but that the PageRank scale shown on the Google Toolbar is only updated 2-3 times per year so the very best option for all websites to gain rankings is to continue to build credible back links and not to be discouraged when the PageRank scale doesn’t slide upwards overnight.

Your rank goes off of a couple of different things. First is the importance of the links that are pointing back to your site. Your backlinks should come from other high rank sites. You can also get authority backlinks that are relevant to your niche. Getting authority backlinks from edu and gov sites can be very helpful.

Submit to search engine friendly directory.

Submit your sites to search engine directory is one of the easiest step to obtain more backlinks to your site. You can also obtain a higher exposure on those directory and bring in more traffic to you. Submission to search engine directory are free most of the time, however, there are some express service that you pay for faster and quicker approval. Furthermore, many search engine directory offer one way backlink which carries higher PR value for you too.

Participate in Forum

Forum is another great place to obtain more backlinks. You can share your latest post with fellow members in the forum. They might add your site to their site if they like it and you can have additional backlinks to you. Further, you can also ask for link exchange on some forums, most of the fellow members are keen to exchange link with you. Though reciprocal link may not carry PR value, however, it is not harm to have more reciprocal link as well as it will improve your website exposure anyway. Another advantage of forum is that you can add a signature tag of your website for every post in the forum. That can help to build up the reputation of your site too.

Submission to Article directory

Article marketing has been around for a long while and it is going to be an effective way to build more backlinks to your site. You can write an article about related topics, submit them to article directory for approval and the content carrying your website can be circulated to many sites through feed subscription. It tends to work very well. However, you might need to spend some time to write quality articles for submission to the article directory.
Contact Relevant Websites

Getting backlinks from relevant sites can improve your pagerank because Google like to have links from relevant content. So, you can surf around for some relevant page and email the owner to ask for a one way link, reciprocal link or 3 way link. Most of the time, you should expect a positive answer from the owner.

Generate a Site map

Google recommend to have sitemap on your sites. So, ensure you place a sitemap to make it easy for Google to index your web page. Having a well organize sitemap can help to improve your pagerank as well.

In an effort to manually control the PageRank among pages within a website, many webmasters try what is known as PageRank Sculpting. It is the act of strategically placing the nofollow attribute on certain internal links of a website in order to funnel PageRank towards those pages the webmaster deemed crucial. This plan has been utilized since the inception of the nofollow attribute, which doesn’t count the link for backlinks purpose, but may no longer be effective since Google announced that blocking PageRank transfer with nofollow does not redirect that PageRank to other links.

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Alexa Rank http://enater.com/blog/alexa-rank/ http://enater.com/blog/alexa-rank/#comments Tue, 14 Feb 2012 13:06:35 +0000 admin http://enater.com/blog/?p=20 What’s Alexa Rank
Alexa is part of Amazon.com that monitor traffic to web sites by counting unique visitors to a site’s main page through an entire day. Using this data, Alexa then gives a ranking to each site. The lower the rank, the more traffic the site has. There are a few areas to take note about Alexa rankings. Firstly, Alexa get the visitor data only from users who have Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. This means that Alexa can’t get data from every visitor and Alexa ranking is not fully accurate.

Only unique visits to top level domains are counted. This means that if a single user visits a site multiple times in a day, Alexa will record this as only 1 visit. All site rankings are given to a site by traffic that is collected and collated over a period of 3 months.

Why is Alexa ranking important?

Alexa ranking has a significant impact because it can give you an estimate of how well your website is comparing with regards to your competitors. It will also give you an idea about the efforts you need to put in by way of reaching a particular share of market. If your ranking goes up, this means more traffic is coming to your site. A better use of Alexa ranking is to be comparing your site’s ranking to that of three months ago. This will show a clear trend whether your traffic is increasing or decreasing. Also, Alexa ranking is important because it lets webmasters and advertisers see the potential of marketing your site. The lower your ranking, the more they would be willing to buy advertising space and take your website seriously.

How to improve Alexa ranking?

There are a few methods to increase your site’s Alexa ranking. To start with, visit Alexa.com and then download and install the toolbar. You can also get Alexa add-ons for Firefox and Chrome Web Browsers. Set your site as the homepage of your browser. This way, whenever you start up your browser for the first time in a day, you will be adding one count to your site visit.

Posting classified ads (free or paid) at very popular sites with good traffic (e.g. Craigslist.org, Ablewise.com and USFreeads.com) to increase traffic to your site. This is a good method to improve your Alexa ranking.

Most of the webmasters have the toolbar installed in their browsers. Post your homepage URL into your signature in webmaster forums. This will get webmasters to visit your site and add visit counts to your site. Also encourage others to download and install the Alexa toolbar. The more people visiting your site with the toolbar installed the higher your rankings will go.

Write articles that are related to webmasters (e.g. Search Engine Optimization content), and promote them. Write articles that teach how to improve Alexa ranking. People searching for that topic will likely have the toolbar installed so you’ll get another boost when they visit your site. Get Dugg or Stumbled as this will usually bring about a spike in your site traffic and in turn, get your Alexa ranking up.

Alexa ranking is a standard taken by most of the advertisers to judge the traffic and importance of a website. It is very critical to strive to achieve a high ranking. But you need to understand that Alexa doesn’t represent entire internet community and webmaster and technical related website tend to rank relatively higher than other websites as most of the webmaster and web developers have the Alexa toolbar installed. Some sites having lower Alexa ranking can have high traffic, even though a high ranking does often mean high traffic.

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Backlinks http://enater.com/blog/backlinks/ http://enater.com/blog/backlinks/#comments Mon, 13 Feb 2012 11:13:20 +0000 admin http://enater.com/blog/?p=15 What’s Backlinks

A backlink is a hyperlink from another website to your website. So backlinks are links somewhere on the Internet that point to your site. When an Internet user clicks one of these links, they are taken to your site.

Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inlinks, inward links, and inbound links. In basic link terminology, backlinks are links received by a web node (web page, website, directory or top level domain) from another web node.

Why backlinks are important

Inbound links were significant (before the advent of search engines) as a primary means of web navigation. Now it’s mainly used for search engine optimization. The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page (Google call it link popularity). The backlinks of a webpage may also be of significant personal, cultural or semantic interest to understand who is paying attention to that page.

Almost every major search engine considers backlinks to be a major factor when determining where your site will appear in the search results. The main reason is that when the search engines crawl the internet, looking for content, the more links a site has to it, the better. The search engines look at these links as something akin to votes. The more votes a site has, the more likely the site is something that the searcher, based on the keywords input into the search engine query form, is looking for, and the search engines have “learned” this.

One of the easiest, and low cost ways to improve search engine rankings and traffic is through the building of back links to your site. By placing targeted, keyword rich, back links to your site, on as many related websites as possible, a webmaster can virtually assure high search engine results (rankings), and can see a corresponding increase in their website traffic as well.

If the folks leaving linked comments, link to another “related” site, the search engines see this, and count this as a back link. Future visitors see these links too, and may visit them, and if the content at the linked site is good, may choose to bookmark (for their friends) your site.

Different types of backlinks

There are many ways your website can be deemed valuable to search engines when it comes to backlinks. All the search engines are trying to do is determine why someone would care to visit your site. Backlinks are recommendations, and the best way to get them is by means of having them mentioned on sites similar to your own or at least pages that are similar. All of those votes will strengthen your cause for top SEO. The more backlinks you have pointing back at you, the better. Let us understand different types of backlinks.

Dofollow Backlinks

All backlinks are considered ‘dofollow’ unless it’s specifically tagged as ‘nofollow’. These are the types of backlinks you need to build in order to gain search engine ranking and pagerank.

Nofollow backlinks
These are the types of backlinks that are still seen by search engines, but are not given that much weight. The website owner has chosen to not have the linkjuice from their site passed on. But this can be tricky for people who leave it alone. Nofollow backlinks are usually on more respected and high trafficked websites. The result might not be improved SEO, but direct traffic to your website by means of where the link is left.

Forum profile backlinks
If you are building a website and you want to leave backlinks only on sites that you feel are relevant toy yours, then forum profile backlinks are for you. There are hundreds if not thousands for forums for a given subject you can leave a link on. The more prominent ones might have stricter guidelines, but do not let this be a deterrent to you.

Blog commenting
Blog comments are like a double edge sword, because on the one side they have value but it can be really time consuming to do it as consistently as you will need to. Blog commenting works by you leaving a reply to a particular posts for others to see, including the writer of the post. When this happens people have the chance to chime in, and they can visit your site by means of the link you leave. You have to make sure you leave thoughtful posts in order to ensure the moderators approve them.

Forum posts
When you join forums related to your niche you will have the opportunity to contribute to that forum by giving your opinion and creating threads of your own. Most forums allow you to leave a link in your posts, but now a days, you will find many important sites not allowing comments or only providing nofollow links.

Text links
Text links are not easy to get, but they are still a very powerful way for better search engine rankings for your website. These often appear in the form of tiny ads placed on various websites. Seeing as how often they are paid ads the search engines do not consider this type of activity blackhat.

Social bookmarks
There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites out there where you can leave a link. Some of them are dofollow and some of them are nofollow. In any case the bookmarking sites have a purpose, some of them can be used to get direct traffic, while others are great for getting a site fast indexing. All of these sites allow you to create a profile and bookmark whatever website you want. Some people choose to do this by using software to speed up the process, but doing it manually can be far more beneficial.

How to Improve back links

First thing to do in order to create effective back links is make the websites you are linking to are on topic and that the content on there is relevant to yours or your client’s site, so if you are a carpet company, in order to create the most effective links look for websites with content to do with interior design, flooring, wall-papers etc. When getting back links there are number of things to look for on a potential linking pages, try to find a page with lesser links as possible, as if the page has several backlinks on it, the value of links lowers than a site with a lower quantity of links.

Another key area to create effective links is making sure to link using your keywords, so instead of ‘click here’ you will have your website keywords. All websites you are linking to should have a ranking and those with the highest rating are generally the ones with the highest quality of links so if possible link to those, and try to steer clear of pages which are unranked. One of the most effective ways to create links is to try and have your links displayed within content on the page, so instead of appearing in a list of all the different websites linking to that page, you will have your links appear in an article or some information that has been written on the site. This is most effective as Google sees it as being more natural and less forced, in order to do this you can even volunteer to write a piece of content for the website yourself and have your link included in that.

One last thing to remember when building these links is that there are three different kinds which are, one way, two way and three way. The links that are most effective are one way, which is just a simple link to a site from yours, and three way which is a link from your site to another site, and a link back from them but to a different one of your URL’s. The reason these are most effective is because again it looks a lot more natural and in order to conduct ethical SEO this is important.

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Server Speed http://enater.com/blog/server-speed/ http://enater.com/blog/server-speed/#comments Sun, 12 Feb 2012 12:50:03 +0000 admin http://enater.com/blog/?p=11 Server speed refers to the time required for a web page to load in your browser. There are many factors responsible for a web page to load faster and apart from the internet connection and the system and browser used by the visitor, web server technology and infrastructure is the greatest factor.

The loading speed of your website can greatly affect the number of visitors. Having good traffic to your site is very important as this will also determine your sales conversion and income generation. There are many tools available for server speed test (enater displays server load time in the result page)

If you want to speed up the loading time of your webpage, you need to take a close look at your server and database. This is also a factor which can slow down the performance of your website if not used properly.

Here are some tips you should implement so that your business would not suffer because your website takes too long to appear.

You should reduce the need to connect to other servers for images, audio or video. Sometimes, sourcing out to other servers for content is something that is inevitable. Make sure to fetch content to your database first and then deliver it from your server if possible. In cases when this can be avoided, do so because every time server connects to another server, things become a little slower.

You can also avoid securing the pages if not really required. Some pages in your website should absolutely need to be secure. For example, you definitely have to use secure pages on the check out process. For other pages of the site, you may want to use the regular http as this is three times faster than the secure pages.

You also need to look into the server specifications. Make sure to have latest servers with adequate memory. If your website is on a shared server, look at the resource usage of other websites on the same server. Server bandwidth is another important factor. Always make sure you have allocated enough bandwidth. See if your server memory needs to be upgraded. Additional server memory can greatly improve the performance of your website.

Apart from checking on the memory of the server, check on the database server hard drive too. Hard drive slows down over a period, so it a good practice to replace it with newer and faster ones.


Separate the content server and the database server. Apart from the fact that this will make your website faster, this is also more secure approach. Separating the application server from the database server is necessary especially if your website has fairly good website traffic.

The number and size of the cookies your site uses can also be a factor in your website’s performance. Lessen the number of cookies and reduce the size too.

Creating and maintaining website can be tedious process but making sure that server speed is maintained is one very important factor in establishing an internet business. Take time to continuously improve the web server speed so that you can maximize the potential of your site.

No one wants to waste all the efforts put into developing the site to be wasted simply because people do not visit or stay on a website due to its slow performance.

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Website Value http://enater.com/blog/website-value/ http://enater.com/blog/website-value/#comments Thu, 12 Jan 2012 15:09:42 +0000 admin http://enater.com/blog/?p=1 How Website value is determined?

Regardless of whether you will be in business enterprise for oneself and would like to make up a lucrative web-site to sell off at a future date or that you are working for a client who would like to improve their internet site value, there is certainly a lot you should know in order to make the most informed selection probable concerning the value of one’s web page. This presents a really critical point that all too a lot of organizations sadly fail to apply adequate believed and power to. A web page is considerably over a virtual company card.

Basically, your web site is often a live commodity that represents significantly more than the products and services you give. In actuality, beyond the sales that it helps to directly bring in by supplying a porthole for your merchandise and services, it is a form of funds. Fortunately for freelancers, contract workers, dedicated employees, compact enterprise owners and huge time companies, you will discover actually plenty of extremely beneficial resources readily available that make it very handy for you to figure out just how much is really a site worth.

With all the immense benefit of having the ability to figure out internet site value for your own web site or your client’s internet site, you are going to have the potential to perform a great deal much more along with your web page. For example, for anyone who is enthusiastic about ultimately being able to sell off your web-site to a different individual or one more business using a comparable niche who’s basically considering having the ability to acquire up the web pages that prove to be the closest competitors and pose the largest threat to their own success, then realizing how much is a web site worth along with the exact web site value of your own web-site, you’ll have the ability to charge as considerably as probable for your web-site. Otherwise, in the event you don’t know the precise worth of one’s site you are going to have quite little with which to persuade your possible buyers from paying top dollar for your web page.

As with any big buy that is definitely being deemed by a prospective buyer, the much more numbers which you have behind your proposal, the much better the likelihood you’ve of producing a substantially greater degree of consumer confidence. Basically, understanding just how much is actually a site worth aids build a enormous leverage point for you, supplying you with important statistics that allow you to to qualify your offer you and justify the charges, prices and rates that you’re asking for from the potential buyer.

Factors affecting the website value

A few of the factors that have the most considerable impact on a internet site worth include things like the site’s income as well as the website’s visitors, the amount of frequency of visitors (each special and repeat guests). A site valuation calculator or on the web resource will assist you to to acquire a solid grasp of these numbers. As soon as you’ve access to these numbers and know how much is a internet site worth, then you might have the most effective concept of specifically how much you can ask for your web-site when the time comes to sell it.

Moreover, the newest web site valuation tools, calculators and resources will also enable you to to ascertain potential areas that ought to be fixed on your website so as to strengthen its performance and general value.

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