Alexa Rank

What’s Alexa Rank
Alexa is part of that monitor traffic to web sites by counting unique visitors to a site’s main page through an entire day. Using this data, Alexa then gives a ranking to each site. The lower the rank, the more traffic the site has. There are a few areas to take note about Alexa rankings. Firstly, Alexa get the visitor data only from users who have Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. This means that Alexa can’t get data from every visitor and Alexa ranking is not fully accurate.

Only unique visits to top level domains are counted. This means that if a single user visits a site multiple times in a day, Alexa will record this as only 1 visit. All site rankings are given to a site by traffic that is collected and collated over a period of 3 months.

Why is Alexa ranking important?

Alexa ranking has a significant impact because it can give you an estimate of how well your website is comparing with regards to your competitors. It will also give you an idea about the efforts you need to put in by way of reaching a particular share of market. If your ranking goes up, this means more traffic is coming to your site. A better use of Alexa ranking is to be comparing your site’s ranking to that of three months ago. This will show a clear trend whether your traffic is increasing or decreasing. Also, Alexa ranking is important because it lets webmasters and advertisers see the potential of marketing your site. The lower your ranking, the more they would be willing to buy advertising space and take your website seriously.

How to improve Alexa ranking?

There are a few methods to increase your site’s Alexa ranking. To start with, visit and then download and install the toolbar. You can also get Alexa add-ons for Firefox and Chrome Web Browsers. Set your site as the homepage of your browser. This way, whenever you start up your browser for the first time in a day, you will be adding one count to your site visit.

Posting classified ads (free or paid) at very popular sites with good traffic (e.g., and to increase traffic to your site. This is a good method to improve your Alexa ranking.

Most of the webmasters have the toolbar installed in their browsers. Post your homepage URL into your signature in webmaster forums. This will get webmasters to visit your site and add visit counts to your site. Also encourage others to download and install the Alexa toolbar. The more people visiting your site with the toolbar installed the higher your rankings will go.

Write articles that are related to webmasters (e.g. Search Engine Optimization content), and promote them. Write articles that teach how to improve Alexa ranking. People searching for that topic will likely have the toolbar installed so you’ll get another boost when they visit your site. Get Dugg or Stumbled as this will usually bring about a spike in your site traffic and in turn, get your Alexa ranking up.

Alexa ranking is a standard taken by most of the advertisers to judge the traffic and importance of a website. It is very critical to strive to achieve a high ranking. But you need to understand that Alexa doesn’t represent entire internet community and webmaster and technical related website tend to rank relatively higher than other websites as most of the webmaster and web developers have the Alexa toolbar installed. Some sites having lower Alexa ranking can have high traffic, even though a high ranking does often mean high traffic.